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Vegan ice cream in Spain? YES! It’s everywhere!!!  

Vegan ice cream in Spain? YES! It's everywhere!!!

I’ve been doing some travelling lately and I wanted to report how this has worked out for my vegan diet.  One thing that I have really grown accustomed to in the US is being able to get a variety of delicious vegan ice cream flavors.  Especially during my recent hot summer travels in Spain, I wanted to be able to enjoy this special cold sweet treat at least every once in a while (or every day…).  To all my vegans/dairy-free/lactose-intolerant friends out there I want you to know that it is very easy to enjoy ice cream in Spain!  I think perhaps even easier than it is to find at ice cream shops in the US.  I was afraid that, especially, when travelling outside the big cities, it would be impossible to find.  However, to my surprise, every single ice cream store/stand that I encountered had something for me – and all but one had more flavors than the typical fruity sorbets. In fact, the next most popular flavor was a dark chocolate which accommodated my ice cream and chocolate fix all at once!  Just ask for “vegano” or “helado sin leche” (“ice cream without milk”) to learn about their dairy-free options and you’ll be good to go! 

Here are some of my favorites:

 This beautiful (too large) masterpiece that I eventually had to share with others is from a shop named Giolatto.  This one features "chocolate", "vanailla", and "avellana" (hazelnut).

And this one was so artfully made that I almost hated to eat it!  This cone flower from the shop Amorino features "chocolate', "avellana" and just a couple petals of a tart berry which I believe was the "frambuesa" (raspberry).