1. Ragstime

From the recordings Whimsical Romance and Whimsical Romance



No lights and fame, I’m just here to entertain
MzRagz is my best fitting name
I learned from Joplin, all these folks bar hopping
Here cuz of my piano playing
Don’t mean to be conceited but it’s all because of me that
This place is so overseated
Sir Elton’s cool and Piano Man rules but please make some room for me

Fall in love with me x4

Met my beau at a bar, didn’t have to look far
He must’ve thought I was a star
Gimme a fee, I ain’t working for free
These others just don’t know who I are
Loving is a game and I might not feel the same
But I sure hope I steal your heart

Fall in love with me x4

Excuse me, but it’s Ragstime!

Fall in love with me x4

The End