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Proud that I got involved in this election's ground game and the democratic process! Over the course of the election, I made 1200 calls for @hillaryclinton because I truly believe #strongertogether and I thank #hrc for her lifelong and continued service for the good of our already great nation. It was great to be able to talk to people all over the country about their concerns and issues important to them. I think most all of us have more similar beliefs and values than not, but fear has harnessed some troubling emotions. Since our nation's founding, Americans have had a fighting spirit, loving to stand behind a cause. Believe me, I understand and I have a fighting spirit as well! I want us all to be fighting on the side of freedom and goodness, and now more than ever, be vigilant and alert to protect our democracy and the rights we hold so dear. We must ensure a free media and also ensure that political opponents, or any one of us, or our neighbors, are not afraid to express our opinions, concerns, and truths. We must respect our democratic process and never take democracy for granted. Without our democracy there are no other issues to discuss.  #bevigilant #democracy #usa #fight #freedom #freespeech#freepress #respect #president #debatedonthate

Being Presidential! 

I am so very excited that Virginia's own Tim Kaine has been selected as Hillary Clinton's VP running mate!  Not too long ago I had the pleasure of meeting with both Senator Warner and Senator Kaine to receive recognition for "Sela Sela (Dance Together)" which was the Official Song of the Africa Cup 2013. Both of these gentlemen have a long history of service in politics to our state and country, but little did I know that one of them would now be a VP candidate - not that I am surprised! Here are a couple pictures, one with all smiles for the camera and one with the Senators checking out my cd! I thought it would be a fun time to share!