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"This Kiss"-Exciting Reviews and Plans for First Single! 

I have some super exciting news for the upcoming album! I did a crowd review for song "This Kiss" (the crowd review uses independent and random listeners to rate the song). "This Kiss" got a high review of 8.1 and will be featured for a week on ReverbNation! I'm not sure yet which week this will be, but this is great in helping to confirm that "This Kiss" should be the first single to be released for the album and hopefully the feature week can be lined up with the single release date! More info to come soon!

Gofundme Goal ATTAINED for Album "Whimsical Romance"!! THANK YOU!! 

WOW!!!  I don't think that 'thank you' can even come close to just how appreciative and honored I am to have received so much support over this past year for this Gofundme campaign for my album "Whimsical Romance". Your belief in me is so humbling. And a big special thanks just today to Jay, Ed, "Terrific" Ted, and "Dedicated" Dave for pushing this right to the top of the $10k goal!! TT and DD, you have been there from the very beginning and saw it through to the end, thanks for having my back! EVERYBODY, THANKS FOR KEEPING ME INSPIRED AND WORKING FOR THE GOAL!!! This has been a group effort!!! Now, time to get some music released!!!!!! Much love, Sarah

Production Notes... #whimsicalromance 

Well, I was really hoping to have reached that $10k goal by the end of 2016, but here we are 4 days into 2017 and just less than $400 short! The struggle!!!! Nonetheless, I am moving forward in planning and hoping to reach the goal very soon! Album artwork is in the works and I am SO HAPPY to report that I got the FINAL MASTER YESTERDAY!!! That means that the music is all ready to go now!!!! So...onto final stages and I have faith that the gofundme goal will be reached very soon!! Here are some authentic notes from album track listing planning and such... see what a beautiful mess I make?

To support and be part of the album making and fun: