We've Reached 60% of Goal toward the New Album!

I am so thankful to the supporters who have helped me to meet 60% of the gofundme goal for the upcoming album "Whimsical Romance". Especially with the new "me" and fresh start, your acceptance and support means so much! Think of the gofundme as a pre-order of the album, instead of paying later, you're helping me to fund up-front, and letting me know that there is room for my stories in this vast music industry. I still have 40% to go and this last 40% will help to cover remaining instrument tracking, mixing, production, and mastering of the album, and then printing of the actual CDs and a few promotional materials associated with the gofundme (tshirts, posters, shipping, etc). Find out more at www.gofundme.com/romance

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