New Album-in-the-Works Update!

Hello my friends! I have some long overdue updates! The songs are currently in production and mixing stages, which means that I am going back and forth allot with Mat at Mobtown Studios about sounds, instruments, and inspirations for the songs. I was thrilled to hear from him that my 'visual' notes I gave him for the songs are very helpful. For example, I'll say," it looks/sounds like a beach and red lipstick" something like that, and it helps! I thought maybe I was crazy for creating the picture, but glad that he gets it! :) 

There have been a few changes to the list of songs. I came up with two more songs that I thought really fit the theme of love and romance, so I have those now and have taken off "Dirty Little Thoughts" because I have done several recordings of that already. Even though DLT is one of my favorites and I still love to throw it in my sets and ask "does anybody have any dirty thoughts out there today?", I think it's best to share these fresh and new songs on the album!  

As I've said, these songs are born out of playing in a bar, fun and boisterous, sometimes chaotic... so I thought this was a fun clip to see of one of the songs in it's natural setting ;) , "Locomotion". You can get an idea of the sound of this 'breakup' song as well as what it really means to be the Piano Gal at the bar - not just playing and singing, but bringing people together! 

Stay tuned for more updates to come soon! Please and thank you for spreading the word about this project and!!

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