Celebrating and Remembering Music and Life Teacher Mr. Marion

Celebrating the life of our beloved teacher of music and life, Mr. Marion , and looking toward the heavens through this tree of his favorite color. Mr. Marion was in my young adult life as youth pastor and high school chorale - which meant I was around him basically all the time!  Such a wonderful and kind man who served the community in so many ways for so many years inspiring people young and old.  I remember fun and meaningful times - trick-or-treating for UNICEF, taking Thanksgiving meals to shut-ins, Christmas caroling, prayer breakfasts, Chorale and youth group trips (Gatlinburg "Resurrection", Confirmation, etc), among so many other events - I really cannot emphasize how much this man was a huge part of my life!  I will so miss coming home and seeing him in the church, or meeting for a sound check, or just walking by his house and seeing his red truck with him out in the yard with his family.  We will all miss you more than words can say Mr. Marion.  May we follow in his example and continue to set the world on fire in beautiful shades of joy, love, and music!

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