Opus Luna I-IV

Fall is the perfect time to celebrate the re-release of my EP Opus Luna I-IV! It was unavailable for a while on streaming or download services (except for my website) and I am glad to say that it is back! This collection of songs is a special one for me, at a time when I was going through many emotions and much turmoil. I think the sounds and words reflect this, along with my attempt to demonstrate my vulnerability and my strength, even if only through song, which has often been the case. Fall is always the time I fall back into Opus Luna vibes...the colors, the air, the mystique, and the magic! Songs like "Luna Lullaby" and "Vampyress" are so appropriate for seasonal festivities, "Dirty Thoughts Dark" is just wicked (in an awesome way), and "Naked" of course is just me. Gothic and classical under- and overtones fill this collection, parts of me that come and go with the ebb and flow of life. 

Listen to Opus Luna I-IV at: https://sarahragsdale.com/album/2317375/opus-luna-i-iv