Re-Imagine (Lyrics Video) ... #reimaginechallenge

The world has been through some tough times recently, and this has put a spotlight on ways in which our systems may be unjust for humanity and unsustainable for the planet. I continue to hear this recurring theme of "re-imagining" our world. While I don't have all the answers for what that means, I know there are great minds that are encouraging each other with heart and passion to re-imagine a world that is equally kind to all creatures great and small and respectful of our home called earth. Where does your re-imagination lead you? 

Humans have done some amazing things, perhaps the best of these is the ability to reflect on ourselves and attempt to be better, over and over again. We never reach perfection, but continue to evolve. It is both scary and exciting at the same time. Perhaps just the realization of this can set the stage for openness and creativity, and then empower us to be bold, take a risk, and try something new! It may be the most human thing we can do!   #reimaginechallenge