New Song Release: "Re-Imagine"

Well, the news we have this morning is certainly not comforting. Our President has tested positive for COVID-19, as have over 7 million other Americans and over 34 million inhabitants of planet earth.  We have lost over 1 million loved ones, and many more are living with permanent conditions and hardships as a result of the virus.  I didn’t necessarily want to release my new song along with this morning’s unfortunate news, however, this is where we are, and it must be acknowledged.  This song is born out of these times; written out of the loneliness and uncertainty felt by people around the world over the past year.  However, it also calls for reflection about our common humanity.  We are all just hurling through space on this giant sphere together.  Clearly, we have common challenges and the way we face these challenges determines our fate.  We have our best bet of having the best results when we act with unity and common purpose.  These tough times actually present us with an amazing opportunity to “re-imagine” who we want to be, and with it, the trajectory of our world and future generations. 

I present to you my new song “Re-Imagine”!  It can be found on all digital platforms where music is sold.  I will be giving away free mp3 downloads of the song on my website through the weekend.   Please share the news, share the song, share the message!  I hope that it can be a source of inspiration for all of us to be the best that we can be.