"It is our nature"...A thought for the times

I have wondered how I can sing when our nation is on the brink of self-destruction? I can feel guilty enjoying anything knowing that American democracy is on the line. On the other hand, how can we not? “It is our nature”. We find enjoyment in what we can, as have humans throughout history in more difficult circumstances. This quote from C.S. Lewis on the brink of WWII puts it into perspective beautifully and so I put it on a pretty background to share. We continue and hope. So I will continue to create, but with that being said, I want to state my recognition of the severity of current circumstances - people hurting badly (some truly fighting for their lives) and our nation on a path of self-destruction. Another four years of this will endanger the freedoms that we hold dear and that are so easily taken for granted. The right to fight for our country’s direction, this rather young experiment, will not be the same - not my original thoughts but those of history. Through every song I write or note I sing, know that I have not forgotten the gravity of the challenges we now face- quite the opposite. I hope that our common celebration in humanity will allow the best parts of ourselves to prevail in a better and more just nation and world.