Now is the time to speak up. Save our democracy.

This man (Trump) has just told us that he wants to throw away our votes and remain in power – no joke, no gaffe, no excuses – watch the video. If you are planning to vote for Trump this election, and I know that I have those friends out there, I am talking directly to YOU. THIS IS EVERYTHING. This is our DEMOCRACY. This is what our ancestors FOUGHT and DIED for – the ability to vote, to have a government by the people. We have fought fascist dictators before, we have fought for our independence from tyranny. The nature of democracy means that it is long and tough and it requires constant struggle, and our impatience makes it fragile – fragile to one who says that he alone can fix it. However, if you fall for the line, entrusting one person to fix the things you want fixed, you have given up on our democracy, and you have voted in a dictator, as paradoxical as it sounds. If you are voting for someone who you know will do everything he can to stay in power – even if that includes not counting our votes – then I suggest you reconsider. Also, remember that even YOU may not always be in the dictator’s good graces. You may think that he works well for you today, but when he doesn’t, tomorrow, you have lost your right to a government by the people. 

Me, personally, my ancestors have fought for this country all the way back to the Revolutionary War. I would be ashamed to let this democracy slide into a dictatorship on my watch without at least voting against it and speaking out. I am outraged, you should be outraged, WE THE PEOPLE should be outraged that this man wants to destroy our democracy. Now is the time for everyone to speak up.