Craving Sugar Cookies! ...and Vegan?

So, it's that time of year that everybody is throwing their "Christmas Cookies" around..they're everywhere: tv shows, movies, blogs, instagram, facebook, you get the point! And of course, I want some!  But alas, all recipes are calling for butter…

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Vegetarian Dog Food (Huevos Sweet Potatoes)

So, I'm going to share something a little different this time for my iHeartVeggie posts... DOG FOOD!  So, you see, I've tried several dog foods under vet supervision - even prescription foods - for my little pup (ok grown…

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Mexican Bake

I've been making this dish for a little while now - it's easy, festive, and delicious - so it has all the characteristics of a perfect Super Bowl dish!  With so many yummy Mexican flavors in one dish it is…Read more

Shiitake Mushroom Avocado Alfredo

I absolutely LOVE alfredo, BUT I also love the idea of staying away from so much milk and cream in alfredo sauce.  My dreams have finally come true in the form of a VEGAN alfredo that actually tastes SO GOOD…Read more

Gingerbread White Hot Chocolate


It's a New Year 2017!  Wow, which means, I need to find some tasty and sweet comfort drinks to warm up to on these cold blustery days.  And although I do love sitting in Starbucks or my local coffee…

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